Hello there, guest! Welcome to my Disneyland blog. First of all, I should introduce myself. My name is Angela and as you can probably guess, my favorite topic is Disneyland. It is my all time favorite place, it’s my happy place! Any spare time I can find to drive nine hours to visit Mickey and Minnie, I go for it. I enjoy all aspects of The Happiest Place on Earth and if I could live there, I definitely would…or at least work there. However, I live in Chico, CA, and try to visit as often as I can.

So, the purpose of this blog is to help new and maybe a few repeat Disneyland guests make the most of their time and money at Disneyland. I am here to offer tips on how to stretch your budget to get the most out of your money without having to sacrifice any of the Disney magic. I can also offer little secrets to make your trip less stressful so you can enjoy all Disneyland and Disney’s California Adventure has to offer.

Here’s my disclaimer: First and foremost, I am not affiliated with Disneyland or any part of the Disney company, I am just a fan. Also, all my tips and tricks come from personal experience and I do not claim to be an ‘expert’ on anything. Like I said, this is all from the personal experience of someone who visits multiple times, in a year, on a retail salary. Those who work in retail, you know what I’m talking about. I’m not rich, far from it, and I’m not getting paid to write this blog. Though that would be awesome! My intentions are simple. I just want to share my wisdom to help you have the best Disneyland visit ever!

One last thing: If anyone has any pieces of Disneyland wisdom to share, please feel free to comment. However, I do ask that you are not mean or belittling toward anything that I post or anybody else posts. I would like your comments to be respectful. I will not tolerate rudeness or crude language on my blog. If you are rude, belittling, or just want to be a know-it-all, please do not post on my blog; I will remove it and block you. Also, all the pictures posted here are 100% my own, so please do not steal them. If you would like to use a picture, just ask. More than likely I will say yes. So, that’s about it. Enjoy my blog and have a magical day!

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